Residential glass

Are your windows foggy or is there moisture between panes? Or does some of the glass in your home need repairs? You need an expert that can help. Charleston Window & Glass is just that. Request an Estimate today and let’s get started!
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Upgrade Your Home With Beautiful Residential Glass


Ditch the shower curtain and enhance the look of your shower with a glass door. Shower glass is not only easier to clean, but gives a more elegant, sophisticated look to your bathroom. Contact Charleston Window & Glass today to get started.

Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors provide you with a beautiful, functional door that takes up less space when opening or closing it. But they do so much more. Sliding glass doors are exceptional insulators, improving natural light, and giving any room a distinct appearance.

Glass Window Replacement

Your windows are the eyes of your home. Older and damaged windows can take away from your homes beauty. Replacing those older windows though can enhance that beauty, reduce noise, and get rid of drafts while also being easier to clean and keep up. Charleston Window & Glass is just the team to help with this.

Glass Doors

Glass doors bring sunlight into your home or office to help elevate your mood and provide beautiful, natural light for work or play. Elevate your energy, look out onto the beauty of the outdoors, and provide yourself with effective, energy efficient insulation with glass doors from Charleston Window & Glass.

Glass Tabletops

Nothing says simplicity and elegance like a glass tabletop. Whether indoors or outdoors, glass tabletops have several uses. From solid glass tops providing a beautiful surface for you to glass overlays that will protect the natural beauty of your wood furniture, Charleston Window & Glass have what you need.

Glass Mirrors

Are you looking to lighten up a room or add a new degree of depth? Glass mirrors are an incredible way to do just that. Have a smaller room with less light? Mirrors can help. The application of glass mirrors in a property is extensive, and our team at Charleston Window & Glass can help you find just the right one for you.

FREE Estimates

Every glass job is unique, with different requirements and challenges. In order to serve you better, Charleston Window & Glass offers free estimates.

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We love Charleston. The Lowcountry is an incredible place, a little slice of paradise we all get to live in day after day. That love for you, our friends and neighbors, is part of what drives us in our business and fuels our constant push for improved quality of craftsmanship and service. We’ve worked in this industry for years in Charleston, and we’re not going anywhere. It’s not just your business today that we want, it’s your business in the future too.

Let’s face it, working with a local business just feels more personal. So let us be that hometown option for you.